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Who the hell is a drag queen like me going to marry?

Drag Queen Miss Ginger Grant tells us why she can’t get worked up about gay marriage.

Really, she just can’t.
All the fuss about gay marriage has Miss Ginger in a bit of a quandary. She wants to get all riled up about it, she really does! Of course, gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples to form whatever kind of family they choose. I mean, if we’re going to start forbidding marriages, let’s stop letting idiots marry and raise buttloads of little snotnose morons!

But she really just can’t find the fire for the whole gay marriage thing. Really, she’s just not the marrying kind. She tried it once, but it didn’t work. First of all, she is a Drag “Queen”. Who does a Drag Queen marry, anyway?


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Find your stage name with the Drag Queen Name Generator

I put in my name and it spit out:  “Marsha Mellow.”

Which is funny because I love skewering the soft underside of a willing confection, and then getting it all hot and bothered.
Check it out:  Drag Queen Name Generator

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Is a drag queen over 40 a Drag Cougar?

Guest Blogger Miss Ginger Grant on the question all drag queens must eventually ask themselves: Have I become a cougar?
While most of the drag queens Miss Ginger knows are ageless(present company included!), there comes a time when one asks oneself: “Have I become a cougar?” I mean, face it ladies, we all like to look at the young ones, and those of us fortunate enough to be single even get to chase them from time to time! But, there come a time when we ain’t catching them like we used to! And, even though the chase is fun, when it causes angina, it might be time to live up to our age! (Cue the score of “Mame”!)

From an appearance standpoint, it’s easy to


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