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How To Have Gay Sex: Tips From Porn Stars.

In this article you’ll find:
• Tips On How To Bottom Like A Porn Star.
• Gay Male Anal Sex Advice.
• General Gay Sex Tips.

Wouldn’t It Be Great To
Bottom like a Porn Star?

No pain, no stains, just ecstasy. Bottoming for a hung top? No problem. Your body would stretch to easily accommodate him. Will it hurt or leave messy stains? Never.

How Do Porn Stars
Make Bottoming Look So Easy?

The top sticks it in like a glute inject and the bottom doesn’t even flinch. How do they do it? And what can you learn from them so that you can do it too? I put a team together made up of a gay sex columnist (me!) , a colon rectal specialist and a urologist to find out. We interviewed some of the biggest names in the gay porn industry – – performers, directors and producers. The results were shocking, to say the least.

How Porn Star Bottoms Relax Their Sphincters.

In porn, you constantly see bottoms with tiny sphincters able to garage entire Cadillacs. How do they do it? One word: Poppers. Not all performers who have penetrative anal sex use them but a great deal do. In the book, How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex, I talk a lot about poppers.

They’re a liquid made from the alkyl nitrite family. Most commonly it’s slang for amyl nitrate (AM-il NYE-trite), but it’s also known as amyl, butyl, and isobutyl nitrite. In prescription form it’s used by inhalation to relieve the pain of angina attacks. It works by relaxing blood vessels and increasing the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. There was a popping sound when you crushed the cloth-covered glass capsules they used to come in, hence the darling name.

Section 2: How To Have Gay Sex.


How Poppers Work To Loosen Your Sphincter.

Right before intercourse, porn stars sniff the fumes in a bottle of poppers, all off-camera. Within seconds, chemicals in the fumes cause blood vessels to dilate, which drops blood pressure and increases heart rate. “There’s a rush of blood to your head,” one porn star said, “Your heart beats fast and all your muscles relax.” Especially, the sphincter muscles. Most people who use poppers feel an excited, light-headed feeling for 1-2 minutes before the effects wear off.
Porn stars use poppers because they work. They really will loosen your sphincter. They’ll also lower your inhibitions. But like all drugs, the downsides are enormous and you’d be a fool not to consider them. I cover them in great deal in my gay sex guide.
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Gay Male Sex Dilemma:
Should You Use Poppers?

I’m not your mother. Or your doctor. It’s up to you. I just want to make sure you have all the facts before making a decision. Under the right conditions they might make sense for you. People are people and there’s bound to be curiosity about doing what so many porn stars do to bottom without pain, so as a public service our book shows you…


How To Use Poppers Safely.


In the spirit of making sure that curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, I’ve outlined the safest way for you to use poppers. Let me be clear, I am not advising you to use poppers. I am advising that if YOU decide to use them, that you put some thought into how. I spoke to several drug experts and came up with a step-by-step guide for using poppers safely. It’s all on page 25.

Hey, Wait A Minute! Who Wrote This Book?

Woody Miller has been writing gay sex advice for the last 14 years through his nationally-syndicated column, Need Wood? Tips For Getting Timber. He also co-hosted HBO’s The Sex Inspectors, which originally aired in England’s Channel Four. His previous books include Sex Inspectors Master Class: How To Have An Amazing Sex Life, based on the TV series and ten other gay-related books including, Men Are Pigs But We Love Bacon.


The Porn Star Method of Eliminating Pain During Gay Sex.

What do stupid drug dealers say when they get pulled over by the cops? “You’re not going to check the trunk are you?” Well, check out the trunks of porn star bottoms and you’re going to think they’re mules for Colombian drug lords. You cannot talk about the porn industry without talking about recreational drugs. Tops use it to keep themselves hard, bottoms use it to keep their butts open and everyone else uses them, well, let’s say for morale.
Crystal meth and ecstasy are the drugs of choice. Many porn star bottoms “slam” it (street for injecting it with a hypodermic needle). Others put it up their butts while others do it the old-fashioned way and snort or swallow it. “A lot of bottoms get soft when they’re getting f**ked,” one porn star said. “When I slam, my dick gets instantly hard but it takes me longer to come. Makes me passionate with the top and especially it’s the best when it’s a group setting.”
Words to live by.

This is how prevalent drug use is in the industry—when we asked one porn star how studios handle an actor having a problem with bottoming, this is was his response: “ There’s been some that whine, but then we just get them high as hell, and then they don’t care.”
More words to live by.

There are so many things wrong with the way the porn industry approaches bottoming I don’t know whether to list them alphabetically, numerically or categorically. You need to learn how to avoid pain; not how to mask it. Gay Male Anal Sex Tip #1: Pain is a signal that SOMETHING IS WRONG. It is a signal that you are harming yourself. Drugs might protect you from pain but they don’t protect you from the consequences of that pain—a ripped anal lining, burst blood vessels, and bruising in the anorectal area. And they certainly won’t protect you from HIV at that point.
People who cannot feel pain (“congenital analgesia”) are in mortal danger every day of their lives. They could sit on a hot stove and not know it until they smell the burning tissue. It’s the same concept with guys who are drugged out and cannot feel pain when they bottom. They don’t know the harm they cause themselves until it’s too late.

In addition, drugs won’t ‘train’ your sphincter muscles to relax which is critical to pain-free bottoming. Meaning, your sphincter muscles are going to be just as tight the next time you bottom. And that’s why porn star bottoms who take drugs have to keep taking them if they don’t want to experience excruciating pain.

Pain-Free Gay Sex Advice:
A Highly Effective Alternative To Drugs.

There is a much better way to pain-free bottoming and it doesn’t involve drugs at all. Before we get into it, let’s start with the two words you’ve probably heard from partners who tried to top you…
“Relax! Relax!”
How many times have you heard that from your partner? Hell, how many times have you said it to yourself? Telling someone to relax without showing them how is counter-productive. It actually increases anxiety and tension because on top of not relaxing you feel like a failure for not being able to relax!
Tension is the main source of pain when it comes to bottoming. When an object is forcefully inserted into a tense, clenched, tightly wound, clamped down set of muscles and tissue, it will damage, tear and bruise the area. But if the area is completely relaxed, an incoming object meets little to no resistance and slides in easily and without pain.
But how do you go from clenched and clamped to calm and relaxed? Think nice thoughts? Distract yourself? Count to ten? Breathe? How? Most of us do not have any idea how to calm ourselves to the point of complete relaxation, especially when we’re experiencing stress. And if you want to experience stress all you have to do is look at the size of your partner’s penis and then the size of your anus!
You don’t need to be told to relax. You know that. If it were easy to relax while a large object the size of a penis goes into a tiny orifice the size of your anus you’d have already done it. One major reason you’ve failed is that a great deal of the puborectal region, like the internal sphincter, does not respond to conscious attempts at relaxation. What you need is a disciplined approach that shows you how to relax muscles that won’t listen to you.
And that’s why I’d like to introduce you to…
The Sexhalation Method

It’s a systematic approach that completely relaxes rectal muscles that are both in and out of your conscious control. You will be able to relax muscles that listen to you (example: the external sphincter, which you can control) as well as those that don’t (example: the internal sphincter, which is out of your direct control—more on that later). It blends the proven concept of systematic desensitization with progressive muscle relaxation, pattern breathing and sexual imagery. Used correctly, The Sexhalation Method is guaranteed to eliminate all pain from anal sex. Not some. All.
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A Neat Trick To Relaxing Your Sphincter.

The Sexhalation Method is actually quite simple but it requires you to understand a few things about your body. Let’s start by examining why so much of your butt tension is (seemingly) beyond your ability to control it. Do this: Tighten your sphincter as hard as you can right now for a count of five seconds. Notice how clamped down it feels. Now relax. Feels like you controlled your sphincter, no?
That’s a trick question, because as you already know, you have two sphincter muscles, not one. The whole time you were clamping down on your external sphincter your internal sphincter was chillin’ on the couch, sipping a cosmo, blithely unaware that its twin brother was being throttled. The external sphincter does not respond to your commands because like your heart beat, it’s governed by the autonomic nervous system.
You can’t make your heart beat faster by telling it to hurry up, but you can do things that result in a faster heartbeat (like pushups). We’re going to use this same concept with your internal sphincter, as well as that other involuntary pain point—the puborectal sling. You can’t will them to relax but you can do things that will result in relaxation. The first step in that direction is…

A Sexercise Plan For Your Sphincter.

The best way to consciously relax your external sphincter is, oddly enough, to tighten it. That’s because the first step to relaxation is awareness of its opposite–tension. This is a key concept to bottoming without pain: Your sphincter will relax more if you make an effort to tense it first. For the complete, step-by-step Sexercise plan click here.

Section 3: How To Have Gay Sex.


How To Find Out What Bottoming
Will Feel Like Without Actually Doing It.


A great deal of the pleasure you get from bottoming comes from the penis stimulating the prostate as it thrusts in and out of the rectum. You can get a “sneak preview” of what that will feel like by massaging your own prostate as you masturbate.

Before I show you how, let’s talk a little more about the prostate, which many people call, “The male G-Spot.” The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis (just in front of the rectum). It produces fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. During orgasm it squeezes this fluid into the urethra where it mixes with sperm and comes out as that whitish semen many of us think of as the nectar of the Gods. In fact, the prostate produces almost all of your semen.

Gay Male Sex Tip To The Obvious: The prostate is crucial to your experience of orgasm. You know that moment of “ejaculatory inevitability” when you’re about to come and you feel it deep inside you before anything comes out? That’s because orgasm starts with the contractions of the internal sex organs (vas deferens, seminal vesicles and the prostate). Therefore, stimulating the prostate in just the right way can create enormous sexual excitement. In some men, simply stroking the prostate can make them spontaneously orgasm. But the truth is, prostate stimulation is not a universal pleasure and it accounts for a great deal of the reason that some men don’t like bottoming even when it’s pain-free.

In How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex, you’ll get a fascinating, detailed account of how you can explore your prostate—how to find it (it isn’t that easy!), how to massage it, and recommendations on commercial prostate massagers. You’ll also find out a few “only a urologist would know” prostate secrets that will help you shoot your ejaculate further than you ever have.
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How To Bottom Without Leaving
Embarrassing Stains Or Smells.


In the porn industry, men are pigs but they don’t want to leave “bacon bits” on the sheets. They are experts at keeping themselves clean because their livelihoods depend on it. Find out their secrets to keeping spotless—their favorite techniques and products. We’ll also tell you about the one device that colon-rectal specialists recommend—you MUST get it, if you hope to be clean as a whistle and avoid embarrassing mishaps. Find out what it is here.

Don’t Let Stomach Problems Keep You From Trying To Bottom.


Stomach upset? Heartburn? Acid reflux? IBS? Don’t let that stop you from experiencing the ecstasy of bottoming. We’ve got practical, proven solutions for guys with tender tummies, including supplements you can easily buy at your neighborhood drugstore. You’ll never have to worry about your stomach “muddying” the party again! It’s on page 112.

How To Tell How Dirty Your Rectum
Is Without Inserting A Finger.


This is a really neat trick our colon-rectal specialist taught us. It’s so deceptively simple, but it works. All you have to do is…well, it’s on page 113.
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Section 4: How To Have Gay Sex.


How To Make Sure You Don’t Experience Pain
The First Time You Have Male Anal Sex.


The only way you’re going to avoid pain and experience pleasure is to control the way your partner’s penis goes in and out of you. And in and out. And did I mention in and out? I know that taking control might seem a bit of an irony—isn’t bottoming about surrendering yourself to another man? How can you surrender when you’re in control? Isn’t that an oxymoron, like “jumbo shrimp” or “pretty ugly?” Not to get all Zen up on your grill, but “controlling your surrender” is one of those contradictions that defy explanation. It cannot be explained but it can be experienced, as you’re about to find out.

Once you have enough experience with anal sex, you can begin to loosen the controls and be “taken” in a way that adds to the blissful experience of surrender, but for now, know this: The top is never in charge. Listen to one famous porn star top we quote in How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex:

“In my personal experience it’s best for the bottom to take charge. I usually penetrate them only with the head of my dick and have them hold onto my leg or hip and they would be the one to pull me more inside and a little bit more. If I’m too deep, pull me out. I work at their pace.”


The Best Position And Angle Of Entry For Pain-Free Bottoming.


There really is a “best practices” to bottoming for the first time. You goal is to combine the best position with the most pain-free angle of entry. But what should it be? Missionary? Doggie-style? Straight in? Angled up? It matters. And we’re going to tell you how to figure out what’s right for you (everybody is shaped differently—what feels good to one guy might feel horrific to another). Porn stars, colo-rectal specialists and urologist all agree—there is unquestionably ONE single best position for pain-free bottoming. And it’s right there on page 116. Click here to find out what it is.

A Porn Star Secret To Successful Bottoming
That You’ll Never See Onscreen.


It’s something that you should do and do religiously. Listen to what one porn director told us:


“Do this [the secret], way more than you think you should. You hear this a lot, but guys outside of porn rarely actually take this advice and do it enough. You should be doing it every five minutes or so. It’s true that you never see us do it in porn videos, but that’s because we don’t want to stop the action so we do it during the breaks.


Find out what you should be doing every few minutes when you’re the bottom in gay sex. It’s on page 117. In detail.
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Are You Ready To Bottom Like A Porn Star?

Then buy How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex. You’ll find out the porn star secrets to bottoming and start making love with volcanic pleasure. Written by gay sex advice columnist Woody Miller, it combines porn industry secrets with innovative techniques from the latest gay sex research. Take a look at the chapters:


Chapter One: What You Can Learn From Porn Star Bottoms.

An inside look at the gay sex film industry. If you ever had questions about how porn production works, this is the place to find answers—from pay (shockingly low) to the number of heterosexual performers (shockingly high) to douche brands favored by porn bottoms.

Chapter Two: Free Your Mind, Your Butt Will Follow.

“Anticipatory pain” and a perceived loss of masculinity can put your butt in a headlock. Here you’ll find tips on resolving emotional blocks that stop you from trying or enjoying anal sex.

Chapter Three: Why It Feels Like A Fence Post Is Impaling You.

It isn’t just your sphincter causing all that pain; it’s your “S-curve” as well as involuntary contractions in your sexual plumbing. Anatomy is destiny. Learn your anatomical structure to take advantage of the sex advice in this guide.

Chapter Four: How Porn Star Bottoms Relax Their Sphincters.

Poppers! Should you do them? What are the positives? The negatives? Get a full description of how poppers work. Includes a step-by-step guide on using them intelligently, if you decide to use them at all.

Chapter Five: The Porn Star Method Of Eliminating Pain.

Drugs! Drugs! DRUGS! Get an in-depth view of how porn bottoms use drugs and then find out a better way to bottom without pain– The Sexhalation Method– a technique that blends systematic desensitization, pattern breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and sexual imagery.

Chapter Six: How Porn Star Bottoms Handle The Ick Factor.

Find out their secrets to getting your butt cleaner than a Brady Bunch rerun.

Chapter Seven: How To Bottom Without Pain For The First Time.

Find out how to combine the best position with the best angle of entry for your particular body. Missionary? Doggie-style? Straight in? Angled up? When it comes to gay sex, it matters.

Chapter Eight: A Guided Tour Of A Pain-Free Bottoming Session Between our hot models, Adam And Steve.

A beginner’s real-time, step-by-step guide to bottoming—from preparation to ejaculation. It’s like being there, watching two hot guys go through every step of pleasure-filled intercourse, complete with sidebar tips and advice.

How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex Comes With eReports Worth $20 For FREE.

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FREE Bonus #1: How To Last Longer In Bed. This report will transform you from a “Two Pump Chump” to a long-time champ. Find out how to control your ejaculation so that you can orgasm whenever you want.
FREE Bonus #2: How To Enjoy Sex With A Condom. A step-by-step guide that shows you the best kind of condoms to buy, how to put them on and most importantly, a powerful trick that will guarantee you maintain an erection while it’s on.
FREE Bonus #3: How To Measure Your Penis. Find out exactly how big you are with the method urologists use in academically accepted studies. It’s a step–by-step instruction that only takes a minute. Includes authoritative averages in width and length in both erection and flaccid states. Hint: The average isn’t six inches. Find out the real average and see how you compare.
FREE Bonus #4: Small Penis Size Positions. You won’t want to miss this eReport if you or your partner are below average in size. Filled with great suggestions on the best way to feel more satisfied when you’re dealing with a smaller package.
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moneyback 300x251 Gay Anal Sex:  How To Bottom Without Pain Or StainsIf you’re not satisfied, for any reason simply send me an email at info@michaelalvear dot com and I will cheerfully refund your order, no questions asked. And on top of that, you can keep the bonuses worth $20 just for giving my product a fair try.

What Are Guys Saying About This Book?

“hi, Woody (what an ironic name for somebody who writes about gay sex!). I’ve been following your column for years so when this book came out I just had to buy it. As somebody who has tried and repeatedly fail to bottom successfully I have to tell you how great and useful this book was. The way you explained why I was experiencing so much pain and the techniques you used to help me avoid it have completely changed my sex life. I am now completely versatile and it doesn’t matter how big my partner is (well, within reason!) I can take them on with no problem. You rock!”

–Robert, 25, Toledo, OH
“Woody, your book liberated me. The pain and the ick factor, as you say, were holding me back but not as much as the mental hangups I had about bottoming for another guy. Your chapter about how to reconcile bottoming with society’s rigid sense of masculinity completely put me into a new headspace that allowed my body to be receptive to all the techniques in your book. I still prefer topping but I have to tell you bottoming is coming a very close second! Thanks for changing my life!”
–Sandy, 33, Denver
“Yo, Woody! To me, the biggest surprise in the book was how funny you are! I actually wrote down some of the lines you used so I hope you’re not going to charge me royalties every time I say them at cocktail parties. By the way, that “how to last longer” report really helped me out. Now I can come when I want not in the first two minutes! Thanks for writing such a funny but completely enlightening book.”
–Ken, 45, New York

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you the best in the bedroom!

p.s. Just think! You’ll never have to worry about feeling pain when you’re bottoming or leaving messy sheets! Click Here To Get How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex.

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