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Not Meeting The Type Of Guys You Like?

Frustrated You Always Have To Make The First Move?


Fed Up With Feeling Invisible At Bars & Parties?

Look In The Mirror.

Your Body Language Is All Wrong.



Can I tell you a story? Going out to bars and parties destroyed my self-esteem.

I felt like a complete loser. How many times can you come home without meeting anybody before you feel like there’s something wrong with you?

Seriously, Have You Ever Come Home From

The Bars More Depressed Than When You Left?


If you’re like me, you’ve tried everything. Different bars, different people, different events. You changed your look, your clothes, your style. The result? Nada, nothing, zip. You may as well go straight.

Well one day, I met a body language expert. He told me something that would change my life:

Half the Guys You Like

Are Turned Off By Your Body Language

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You know what my reaction was? “Bullsh_t.” I mean, come on! Body language? I’m not meeting good looking guys because of my body language? Puh-leeze.
Stay with me because this is where it gets interesting. The body language expert (a psychologist, actually) took me under his wing and coached me in the art of using body language to attract the kind of guys I liked.

He wanted a guinea pig–ME–to prove that the sexual body language principles that work for straight couples could, with some adaptation, work for gay men. Yes, body language for gay men.

The result? In less than an hour, two good-looking guys struck up a conversation with me.

I’m not going to give you a load of crap–a lot of the stuff he taught me took some time to see results, but some of the sexual body language techniques worked IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s a partial list of what he changed:

  • The way I shook hands.
  • The way I leaned in (or away).
  • How I pointed with my feet (yes, feet, long story).
  • The angle that I talked to people.
  • The direction that I approached guys I wanted to meet.
  • The way I looked at guys I was interested in.
  • The way I used my body to catch their eye.
  • The way I used my hands to gesture.

The Result?



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Do You Really Want To Face

Another Night At The Bars Without

Knowing How To Attract Hotter Men?

Don’t. I put everything I learned about using body language to attract gay men into a short, 30-page, step-by-step, solution-packed guide.

I purposefully wrote it so that you could read it in less than an hour and put the techniques to use in minutes.

When you start reading from Page 12 of my instantly downloadable ebook, ATTRACT HOTTER GUYS With the Secrets & Science of Sexual Body Language, you’re going to be SHOCKED at how small changes can make a big impact.

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This Gay Body Language Guide Will Help You Meet Better Looking Men.

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It’s packed with simple, step-by-step, easy-to-implement techniques that give you immediate results.  This is not a conceptual book; it’s a how-to guide, chock full of real-world techniques that you can start using TONIGHT.

download 150x70 Original Attract Hotter Guys

Here, take a look at the two main sections of the guide:

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You’ve Got 60 Seconds To Make A Positive First Impression….


The First 20 Seconds

You can’t look like a dog trying to get out of a car. The approach has to be subtle, friendly and non-threatening. Use the body postures and signals on Page 8 when you approach him or you’re going to scare him off. Also, don’t ever start a conversation by facing him squarely. Find out why!

The Next 20 Seconds

Get him to look in your eyes. There can be no emotional, physical or sexual bonding without it. If you don’t get him to look in your eyes QUICKLY, OFTEN, and CONSISTENTLY he’s going to fall into the Friends Zone faster than you can say, “I drink too much.” Read the Align/Direct/Reinforce method on Page 13 to make it happen. You can also create what sociologists call a visual pathway with your hands. See Page 15 on how to do that.

The Last 20 Seconds

The handshake is a critical because it’s the first time he’ll touch and feel your skin. What kind of physical impression do you want to leave him with? Research shows there’s a particular type of handshake that puts guys at ease and makes you come across as friendly, warm and appealing. If you want to see it in action, watch Obama. Page 22 shows you exactly how he does it.

You’ll also learn:



Strategic Touching. How can you touch him and trigger subconscious desire without coming off as a creep? Hint: It’s not just where you touch him but how. See Page 25 for details.

How to smile in a way that makes you more appealing .

Researchers who’ve studied facial muscles found two aspects of a smile that create positive,

warm feelings in men. Find out what they are on Page 27.

How to know when your body language is working against you IN THE MOMENT.

Your body has developed many gestures, postures, expressions and movements you’re not conscious of. Especially when Mr. Man walks by. You need to find out what they are. The question is how? Learn my Instant Body Language Inventory Technique on Page 9.

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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Guys

Get Hit On Like A Nail At A Hammer Convention. . .

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While You Sit There Feeling Like A Screw?

If you’re like most gay guys, you think getting approached is a passive affair—that as long as you’re looking good and reasonably friendly, the rest is up to God, Grey Goose and the glow of the light.

You’re wrong. The second part of my instantly downloadable ebook explains why.


• Wear a certain type of clothing. Research shows men are far more attracted to clothes that… Well, it’s on Page 23.

• Wear a certain type of jewelry and accessories. I’ll give away one of the secrets right now: Shoes! Find out why on Page 25.

• Open your “Territory Line.” I show you how to do it on Page 26. You can also create “Invisible Hallways” between the two of you by using your hands and arms while you’re talking to friends.

• Point! With your hands, your feet and your head. This is a little known secret among communication researchers. Pointing is an “invitation” (it also reveals how he feels about you). Where should you point and how? It’s all on Page 28.

• Use Inviting Postures. Whether you’re standing, sitting (even slouching), there are do’s and don’ts to show your interest. They’re all on Page 29.

• Make It Easy For Him To Touch You. See Page 30 for inventive things you can wear or do to make touching you irresistible. They work like a charm!


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Start Meeting Beautiful Gay Men Tonight!

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If you’re ready to start hooking up with or dating hotter guys then this is the guide for you. For the price of a few drinks you can stop ‘settling’ and actually attract the kind of guys you’ve never had before.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied – I don’t expect…or want…to keep your money. Simply send off a quick email to me and I’ll happily refund your money in full.


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Your Order Includes:

Bonus #1: QuickGuide Reference to Sexual Body Language. Interpret his gestures and postures with this at-a-glance answer guide you can keep in your pocket when you go out.  Value:  $9.99 but free with purchase.

Bonus #2: A Mind-Blowing Online Body Language Quiz. Complete with pictures and diagrams, it’ll make you an expert at reading body language.  Value:  $9.99 but free with purchase.

Bonus #3: The Top 8 Body Language Videos On The Internet. These are the only ones worth watching. I just saved you ten hours of research on Youtube!  Value:  $9.99 but free with purchase.

But Wait! Here’s The Best Part…

30 day guarantee button 300x300 Original Attract Hotter GuysIf you’re in any way dissatisfied with Attract Hotter Guys with the Secrets & Science of Sexual Body Language, tell us within 30 days and you’ll get a full, no hassle refund. Try it. If it doesn’t work, don’t pay for it. It’s as simple as that.

Invest in your love life! You’re worth it. It’s easy to get started. Just click the button below and you’ll be presented with a link to download the book onto your computer. It’s that simple. You don’t need a Kindle or iPad because it’s a pdf document. You can start changing your body language in about 2 minutes from the time you order.

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I know what you’re thinking….


“What Good Is The Right Body Language If I Don’t Have The Nerve To Approach Him?”




“And What Good Is Having The Confidence To Approach Him If I Don’t Know What To Say?”

Great questions. You’re right. Sexy body language for gay men doesn’t mean crap if you’re too afraid to strike up a conversation. That’s why every purchase of Attract Hotter Guys qualifies you for a 67% discount off my international best selling ebook on picking up dateable guys.




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Supercharge Your Love Life With This Recession-Busting Bundle!





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Excellent! Imagine how confident you’ll feel the next time you go out. You’ll have the knowledge and the skills to meet and attract the guys that turn you on. No more settling. No more law of averages. From now on, bars and parties will be something you look forward to; not something you dread.

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MEET THE AUTHOR. Hi! I’m Mike Alvear. If you haven’t seen my TV show, The Sex Inspectors (Channel 4 in the U.K./HBO in the U.S.), read my relationship advice columns in the gay press or bought either of my three books on gay sex and relationships (available in bookstores worldwide), you probably know that I’m a stickler for facts.

For Attract Hotter Guys, I spent half a year studying with my body language mentor, blending dozens of studies and expert interviews with my own experiences as a single gay man. The results are packed into the first body language ebook ever written for gay men. I can’t wait to hear the results it’s brought to you. If you have any questions feel free to email me! All the best!

. . . . .

Feedback from readers:

naff Original Attract Hotter Guys
“This ebook is a revelation! Sensational advice for making yourself more approachable and attractive to the sexiest men in the room.”

— Kevin Naff, Editor, Washington Blade

bennett Original Attract Hotter Guys
“Hi, Mike. Within a week of downloading Attract Hotter Guys, I went from zero to hero in the bars. I’m now having more sex with better-looking guys than I ever thought possible. The biggest help: Your “triangular gaze pattern.” It works! This book is everything you say it is and more.”

— John Bennett, 24, Dallas, Texas

jonathan Original Attract Hotter Guys
Hello Mike, “Since I’ve put your tips to use, I’ve had several gorgeous guys approach *ME*. For the first time in my life I feel desired, wanted, yes, even ATTRACTIVE because all these good-looking chaps who never used to pay me attention are suddenly coming over and chatting me up. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”

— Jonathan, 36, London, England

dave Original Attract Hotter Guys
Dear Mike, “I love the way you write! You made me laugh out loud without ever sacrificing solid, useful information to do it—like your 9-point checklist of what to do and what to avoid. I actually printed it out, taped it to my mirror and practiced all the techniques! The result? A new boyfriend! I never would have met him without using your fail-proof techniques. You zoomed right in to the stuff that works without fluff, and I found it incredibly useful. THANK YOU!”

— Dave Chaparral, 42, New York, NY

will Original Attract Hotter Guys
Hi Mike, “I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t expecting much before reading “Meet & Attract the Guys You Want,” being pretty familiar with body language concepts…however…your book really blew me away! It’s one of the most refreshing, unique and quality guides I’ve come across. The thing that helped me the most was your chapter on the specific body postures and movements I could use to put myself in a better frame of mind. Whenever I use them, BAM! I’m instantly “in the zone” to meet guys. Because of you , I have the confidence to go up to hot guys—complete strangers—and start a conversation. I’m having more sex and going on more dates than any other time in my life. Thank you!”

— William Arnett, 32, Miami, Florida

Thanks for buying the ebooks! Here’s to your sex-drenched, love-soaked days!


Mike Alvear

P.S. – Attract Hotter Guys is the only guide that shows gay men how to use new body language strategies to meet and attract better-looking guys. You won’t find anything like it at your local gay bookstore, Border’s, Amazon or anywhere online because it’s not sold there.  You can only buy it here. Stop ’settling’ for the guys you’re hooking up with–start meeting and attracting hotter guys RIGHT NOW.

Want to pay by check? Send to the following address and we’ll email you the ebook right away:

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