The Man Seeking Man Guide’s To Meeting Worthwhile Guys


Did You Just Leave The Bar Without A Man, A Date Or A Number?


You probably just got back from a gay bar. Or a party. Or some social event.


How’d it go?


Did you meet the guys you wanted to meet? Did any cute guys come up and start a conversation?


Did you have the nerve to start a conversation with guys that caught your eye?


Did you go home with anyone?


Did you at least leave with a phone number or two?


Well, you’re not alone. It’s tough out there. If you’re like most guys I know, you’re sick and tired of going out to the bars and never meeting the kind of guys you’re interested in.


It’s like none of the guys you like ever make the first move. You get fed up with feeling invisible in gay bars and parties. You just can’t believe that another whole weekend went by and all you got out of it was a bar bill.


And why is it that the only guys who hit on you are the ones that you don’t like? What’s up with that?


Seriously, is it too much to ask to have a good looking guy approach you for a change?”



Keeping The Gay Dating World From Messing With Your Mind


It’s easy to start thinking there’s something wrong with you. At one point in my life going out to gay bars and parties destroyed my self-esteem.


I felt like a complete loser. I mean, how many times can you come home without meeting anybody before you feel like there’s something wrong with you? Have you ever come home from the bars and parties more depressed than before you left?


It sucks, doesn’t it? You try different things but nothing seems to work. Different bars, different people, different events. You change your look, your clothes, your style. The result? Nada, nothing, zip. You may as well go straight.



Five Things Keep You Stuck.


1) A paralyzing fear of starting conversations with guys that you’re attracted to.


2) Not knowing what to say.


3) Not knowing how to keep the conversation from becoming an “interview.” You know, like—“How are you? What’s your name? Where do you work?”


4) Not knowing how to instantly build rapport. Without it, you’ll have the kind of awkward conversation you’re deathly afraid of having.


5) Not knowing how to close the deal. You can easily slip into the friends zone if you don’t know how to touch with intent and avoid subjects that best friends talk about. And uhm, about that phone number. How do you get it without sounding too pushy?


Is This You?


You walk into a gay bar or a party and you see Mr. I’d Sell My Mother’s Soul For A Night With Him. He’s beautiful. He renders you incapable of thought. Wait. Did he just look? Hard to say. So you’re mind goes into monkey chatter overdrive and here’s how it goes down:



• You keep trying to catch his eye, and for the most part he’s not responding. Still, there’s a flicker.


• You want to meet him but you remembered the last time you tried starting a conversation with a cute guy. He literally walked away from you as you were talking. You’re paralyzed with fear of rejection. You start running scenarios in your head. What should you say? What should you do?


• Three beers later you get the courage to go over to him. But you don’t know what to say so you stick with the tried and true, “Hi, I’m so and so. What’s your name?


• Awwwwwwwkward. You just sent the conversation into a dead end. So you say the kind of thing you HATE when guys try to hit on you…. “having a nice time? So what’s a guy like you doing in a place like this?”


• Oh, oh. Now you’re running out of things to say.


• He’s got his hands in his pockets—is that a bad sign?


• “Yeah, nice meeting you too.”


• Crap, you should have stayed home and cruised online.



The Men Seeking Men Trap


Let’s face it, you’re in a low-confidence, low-competence trap. Not knowing what to say or do lowers your confidence and the lack of confidence stops you from trying.


But what if you did know how to approach the guys you’re interested in?


What if you knew what to say?


And what to do?


You’d be able to date the kind of guys you always wanted.


Here’s A Step By Step Guide To Meeting Men Looking For Men

I want to show you how to conquer your fear of rejection and learn powerful conversational techniques that makes you irresistible to attractive guys. It’s a complete program that’ll help you acquire a completely different mind-set and give you a powerful set of conversational skills that predispose guys to like you.


The first step: Get rid of your fear of rejection.


You do that first by changing your perception of the guys you’re attracted to. See right now, you see them as goals and approach them with a do or die mentality. You either hit a home run or you strike out. In the most humiliating way possible. The result? Paralyzing fear. The kind that stops you from ever taking a chance.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. In my eBook, Meet The Hottie In The Corner: The 21 Day Plan To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection, Master The Art Of Icebreakers And Snag Guys You Never Thought You Could Get, I show you a profound way to get around your date-killing fear of rejection.

It’s actually a visual that you hold in your mind’s eye. The Huffington Post called it, “An unbelievable powerful mind-shift you can achieve in minutes.” Once you’ve got that handled, then it’s time to…
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Grow Unstoppable Confidence In The World Of Gay Dating

Here’s the thing. You can’t buy confidence. You have to earn it. Instead of pep talks and visualizations, my eBook gives you exercises to build competence with irresistible social skills.


Here’s the formula: Competence = Confidence. Not the other way around.


So, let’s talk about this competence thing. The only way to get comfortable talking with good-looking strangers is to get comfortable talking to all strangers. Do the exercises on P. 23-55 of my eBook. They’ll teach you how to:



• Think outside of yourself


• Consider other people’s reality


• Talk from a place of sincerity


• Know interesting facts about the human condition


• Understand the underlying humanity behind conversations


• Connect in meaningful ways


• Create rapport


• Make people feel better about themselves


• Add value to people’s lives


• Become a better person.


There’s one and only one way of projecting seductive confidence
and irresistible charisma. You need to connect with guys on an authentic level that makes them want to know you better.



Your New Goals In The World Of Men Seeking Men


You need new goals. Yours are killing you. You think going to the other side of the room and starting a conversation with a hottie is a reasonable goal. It isn’t. That’s like climbing to the top of the mountain without setting up base camp. Find out what your new goal is on Page 20 of my eBook. It’s only three words. And it’ll set you up for complete success.


The Path To Gay Love Has Two Roadblocks


Let’s talk about the dynamics of approaching good looking strangers. Unless the guy you’re hawking on is totally into you, he’s going to ask himself two questions when you start a conversation:


1) “Are you hitting on me or just being friendly?”


2) “How long are you going to be?”


If you don’t learn how to get around these roadblocks he’ll never be receptive to your company and welcome more conversation. My eBook, Meet The Hottie shows you ingenious ways around these obstacles on page 36. They work every time. Not just some of the time. Every time. It’s that ingenious.



Irresistible Ways To Start A Convo With Men Seeking Men


Forget cheesy pickup lines or awkward try-hard attempts to sound cool. What you need are irresistible, no-rejection openers that capture the imagination, stir curiosity and set the stage for a real connection. I have an entire chapter devoted to that in Meet The Hottie. Click here to order the ebook now. At $19.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s a no-risk proposition with a hellacious upside.


Be sure to print out Pages 36-44. They’re filled with rejection-proof conversational “openers” you can start using right away.

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How To Get Good Looking Guys To Pursue You


You can do this even if you’re not tall, rich or handsome. By using the concept of “Demonstrating Value,” you can literally get the hottest guy in the room to pursue YOU. It’s a technique that’ll make your jaw drop. It’s guaranteed to make him look at you and think, “Tonight just got more interesting.”


It’s fun, easy to learn, and it WORKS. In fact, try it. Get the step-by-step know-how by ordering my ebook here. It’s only $19.99 and if you don’t like it, don’t pay for it. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee. OK, onward.

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How To Avoid Conversational Dead Ends.


Use”multiple threads,” a never-fail technique to energize your interactions. You actually use them on your good friends without knowing it. I’ll show you how to do them consciously. See page 78.



How to Create Rapport In The Men For Men Dating World.


So, you’ve developed ram-tough confidence and learned rejection-proof approaches. Now what? If you don’t build rapport you’re doomed. But how to do it? Don’t seek it; assume it. Rapport seekers ask boring questions like “What’s up?” or “What do you do?” and give off try-hard energy. Find out what kind of questions “rapport assumers” ask and make them work for you. They’re all on page 34. Click here to get it. With a 30 day money back guarantee it’s practically a free trial. And at $19.99 it’s a steal.

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Get The Confidence To Approach A Guy Like This.

Think about it… What would your love life be like?


• How much more sex would you have?

• How many more dates?

• How many more relationships?



Find out by ordering Meet The Hottie In The Corner: The 21 Day Plan To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection, Master The Art Of Icebreakers And Snag Guys You Never Thought You Could Get.

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With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee It’s Like A Free Trial

Take “Meet The Hottie” for a 30 day test drive. Download the eBook, read it from cover to cover, and put my little known secrets to the test. If anytime within 30 days you aren’t satisfied with the product, simply send me an email at info at michaelalvear .com. I’ll cheerfully refund your money in full. No questions asked. What’s more, you can keep the three bonuses valued at $40 as my way of saying “thank you” for giving the product a fair try.


Here’s the fine print:


Exactly. There is none. Buy it. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it. It’s that simple.

Meet The Hottie Comes With $40 Worth Of eReport Bonuses


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It’s a PDF file! Download, View Or Print Off Any Computer. PC Or Mac.

Bonus #1: Hot Guy Phobia, Or Conquering “Approach Anxiety”.” Get rid of your fear of starting a conversation with gorgeous guys once and for all. These proven step-by-step techniques are guaranteed to give you rock star confidence!

Bonus #2: How To Use Texts To Build Attraction (eReport)
. You’ll never send another boring text again with this guide on building attraction through flirt texts. Start flirting now with these can’t-miss tips.
Bonus #3: A Sneak Peak at the Top 10 Dating Questions From My Upcoming Book.
 If you’re a man seeking a man, you have questions like, “Why do I lose interest the minute he starts falling for me?” Funny, wise and useful, they’ll help you get past your relationship sticking points.
Bonus #4: How To Meet Higher Quality Men Online(eReport). 
As a consultant to several gay dating sites, I’ve got the insider’s track on how to meet high caliber guys on the web. I’ve seen all their research and I share them with you in this report. If you’re looking for a gay date online, this one’s a must!

Click here to download ebook and bonus eReports!

Click here to order Meet The Hottie for $19.99, get four bonus reports worth $40 and top it off with a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s a PDF file so you don’t need a Kindle or an iPad to read it. Just click, read or print it off your computer. You can start learning how to meet gay men in about 2 minutes from the time you order.



Invest In Your Love Life

You’re worth it. Aren’t you tired of going out to the gay bars and coming back empty handed? Aren’t you tired of going to great parties and never getting the phone numbers of guys you want to date? Don’t let another weekend go by without learning the skills to meet guys that turn you on. Order today and use it tonight!



What Men Dating Men Have Said

About Said About America’s Best Selling Gay Ebook

These are straight from my emails. Typos and all. I am so grateful for you guys taking the time to tell me how it turned out…



“Dear Mike,

I just want to say that at first I was very skeptic about the book and thought it was a rip off. I’m an average looking guy who is new to gay scene. I had no idea how to approach guys. After reading this book, I got the confidence to do so. I went to a gay bar last week, and I did better than picking up a cutie in a corner. I picked up and took one of the strippers home and no I did not pay him to do so. lol We’ve been talking for about a week and going on dates. I’m having a blast. Thanks for the info Mike!”





Your eBook saved my life. I hadn’t been on a date for so long I’d become a sexual camel (you know the kind that go great lengths without ever getting any). I seriously thought I’d be alone for the rest of my life. I’m happy to say that I met my boyfriend because of your ebook. Seriously, I’m not joking. Oh and one more thing. A weird thing happened on the way to reading Meet The Hottie. My personality changed! I’m SO much more outgoing now. I think it’s those exercises in the early chapters. Anyway, it didn’t just help me get a new boyfriend, I’ve developed a whole bunch of new friends out of it. Thank you SO much.”



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RedBWOutside250x300 Gay Dating Guides

Excellent! You won’t believe how confident you’ll be the next time you go to a gay bar, a party or social event. Trick, date or husband, you’ll have the confidence and more importantly, the knowledge, charm and skills to meet the guys that turn you on. No more standing around waiting for someone else to make the first move. Your love life is on its way to the top of the mountain!

All The Best,
Mike Alvear,Co-host of the hit TV series, The Sex Inspectors (HBO in the U.S. Channel 4 in England), syndicated gay sex & relationship columnist

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P.S. -Meet The Hottie in The Corner gives you wildly inventive ways to meet, attract and connect with gay men that turn you on. It is a step-by-step manual packed with strategies to eliminate the fear of rejection that keeps you from approaching hot guys and gives you the skills to know what to say and how to say it. You won’t find anything like it at your local gay bookstore, Border’s, Amazon or anywhere online. You can only buy it here. Stop ‘settling’ for the guys you’re hooking up with and learn how to approach hotter guys and charm the pants off them!



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